Who We Are

Tamera Siminow, MA operates Lifeworks Consulting, LLC. She is a Certified Neurofeedback Specialist with master’s degrees in counseling psychology and political science. Tamera also has a background in psychosynthesis and is a Reiki master teacher. Drawing on decades of experience in public service and non-profit work to guide her, she focuses on a personal growth and development model to help individuals gain control over the bodies and lives. In her daily work, she uses a number of modalities, including neurofeedback, mindfulness meditation, breathing, and heart-rate variability.  Tamera trains with clients of all ages and especially enjoys working with teens and young adults. In addition, she teaches home training for neurofeedback and life planning, both in small group classes and one-on-one.

Tamera believes that spirituality permeates all aspects of our lives and integrates it into her neurofeedback training upon request, when appropriate.  In addition, she is a graduate of the RUAH School of Spiritual Guidance at Richmond Hill and serves as a spiritual director for individuals from all backgrounds and faiths, including those who are questioning or doubting their faith.

Tamera also is the author of the recently released book, Practical Wisdom.  It is available for purchase in her office or online at Barnes and Noble or Amazon.  Click here to take a peek.