Tamera Siminow is a consummate practitioner.  She places the welfare and best interests of her clients above all.  Thanks to her measured approach and the success of her training, my son now knows what it feels like to have a calm “normal” day rather than ride the rollercoaster of emotional upset.

Neurofeedback has greatly helped to reduce my stress levels, which makes more room for the good stuff, like gratitude and joy!

Lifeworks Consulting isn’t just quality neurofeedback training, but the whole wonderful Tamera experience. She understands what I need as a person and offers help, with enduring grace.

Since I went through my neurofeedback training I feel like a different and better person: more relaxed, happy, centered, balanced, positive, and excited about where this new mindset can lead.

It is a huge relief to deal with the past without having to keep talking- or even thinking about it. Neurofeedback sessions with Tamera helped me to finally put the past where it belongs, so I can live more fully in the present. What a gift!

Our teenage daughter LOVES going to work with Tamera! And for a teenager, going ANYWHERE twice a week after long days in school, this is high praise. Tamera responds to our entire family in a way that promotes healing. Tamera’s knowledge of neurofeedback protocols and specialities is vast and she knows exactly what protocol to use depending on where our daughter is on that particular day. When a treatment is going to be new or challenging, Tamera knows how to explain what it will be and encourage our daughter to do it. Our daughter is so much calmer enjoys life more since beginning the work with Tamera. I can’t say enough positive things about the entire experience!

My son and I found Lifeworks Consulting and Tamera Siminow through a friend who had a positive experience with neurofeedback. My son had struggled for a couple of years with anxiety over his learning challenges, particularly when the school environment increasingly required him to work in collaboration with peers. He felt himself to always be behind his peers and was tied up in knots with anxiety. He frankly hated going to school. After nearly two years of schooling from home, we tried neurofeedback with Ms. Siminow. In time, my son’s focus improved, but more importantly, his stamina and confidence did as well. He no longer feels as behind or exhausted from trying to focus for hours in school. He is now in school every day and actually enjoying it. Like most teens, he continues to feel anxious over new settings, but he believes the neurofeedback improved his ability to keep up and so he is facing new situations with more self-confidence.