To Really Learn Something, Repeatedly Learn It

Neurofeedback practitioners know that brain training involves rewarding the brain for changing, then repeating that reward over and over again until the brain self-regulates into new patterns and ways of being.  It’s why you don’t come just once for training and expect it to stick, you train repeatedly over the course of a few months.  Fortunately, the process is pleasurable, and almost all trainees look forward to training.  This up-ends the notion that learning cannot be fun and that training the brain is somehow a heavy and serious, no-fun business.

I was struck by this article from the website Raptitude, which also emphasizes the notion that if something is worth learning, one needs to study it more than just once, regardless of what that “it” might be.  The author makes the idea of repeatedly learning something sound pleasurable, so I hope you’ll take a couple of minutes and check it out here.