What is Neurofeedback?

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Neurofeedback is a 50-year-old practice of non-invasive, affective brain training. Each neurofeedback session is administered by a professional who uses portable EEG devices and sensors called electrodes to measure faint electrical brain wave signals in the trainee’s skull. These signals are forwarded to a computer, where sophisticated software analyzes the data and rewards the brain (often in the form of a tone heard via earphones) when it produces the desired changes to the electrical patterns. Researchers believe that the brain responds to these rewards by creating new electrical patterns, similar to learning skills such as riding a bike or reading in a foreign language. Slowly, over time, trainees can teach their brains through neurofeedback new — and lasting — positive habits and self-regulation. The training, typically 40-60 sessions of 45-90 minutes for optimum results, is painless, safe, gentle, and done in private.

Who Uses Neurofeedback?

People from all walks of life have used neurofeedback for a variety of purposes. A few examples include:

  • The Canadian Olympic team used neurofeedback to improve its performance at the 2010 Vancouver games.
  • U.S. Marine Special Force teams have been known to use neurofeedback training to deal with high-stress, life-or-death situations they will be exposed to in the field.
  • Top students in London music schools have used neurofeedback to improve their outcomes in high-stakes juried performances.
  • Italy’s World Cup Champion soccer team in 2006 credited neurofeedback training for improving individual and team performance.

How Can Neurofeedback Help You?

Like any personal trainers, we at Lifeworks Consulting, LLC take a collaborative approach that empowers you to take responsibility for your own increased well-being. A certified neurofeedback specialist will work with you to train your brain in the most effective manner customized for your needs and goals.

We begin with an interview to determine training goals. This information is combined with an assessment—a set of measurements of actual brainwave activity at multiple sites—to determine where and how to begin training. Together, practitioner and trainee implement a plan for sessions that usually last 45-90 minutes and, at first, occur two or three times per week. Most people begin to see results within 6-10 sessions.  The overall number of sessions required is determined by training goals, how the body responds and whether training is consistent.

Neurofeedback, or brain training, is our signature service. For more information, and to see a demonstration of neurofeedback, click below to schedule your free consultation.

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