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In our stressful lives, it might sometimes feel impossible to quiet our minds and feel calm, centered, and focused.  At Lifeworks Consulting LLC, our mission is to help our clients achieve long-lasting change in their lives by learning to calm their bodies, minds and spirits. We consider ourselves personal trainers for the brain, using gentle tools such as neurofeedback,  mindfulness training and Reiki to teach self-regulation and peace of mind.

Our clients’ personal growth and development is our goal.  Tamera personally works with each client every step of the way, to transform how you feel and, in turn, how you lead your life.

Gentle, Effective Methods for Optimum Success

Like all personal trainers, we work alongside our clients to achieve optimum success.

Neurofeedback, or brain training, is our signature service. Neurofeedback is a tool that, over time, creates new patterns in our brains and helps reshape old, negative habits that can unintentionally undermine us or hurt others. Backed by almost 50 years of study and research, neurofeedback has proven to be an effective, safe and gentle method to train your brain in a positive way. For more information, and to see a demonstration of neurofeedback, click below to schedule your free consultation.

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Neurofeedback coaching for Northern Virginia, including Fairfax and Arlington Counties